Community Guidelines

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These Community Guidelines are here to help us all build a special and closely knit community of like-minded buyers and sellers. :) You'll find below a list of DOs and DON'Ts that you should follow. Use them to even help us police the community! When you see any users breaching these guidelines, flag the listings for the reviews, or email us to give us a heads up. Anyhow, here goes!
What you should DO:
Snapshots of your to list items
Snap, List & Sell! That's what we enjoy and that's what we want you to love as well. Take your own photos and if you've got to use a stock picture from a website or someone else's profile, be sure to give due credit. We ask of you to respect the copyright of others. Also, do ensure that your items are listed in the correct categories as well.
Do moderate your listings
List products or services that are safe and appropriate for people of all ages. So no content unsuitable for minors; let's keep Carousell safe and fun!
Be Friendly and Respectful
Interact with fellow users as though they’re your friends and neighbours. Everyone has their own style, taste and creativity expressed in their listings, so we hope you can respect that. Be polite when you inquire on listings and do check out the listings' description before inquiring. That way, we can have a happy environment where everyone feels like home. Be patient, be nice!
Create trustworthy listings
When creating a listing for your item or service, please be as accurate and honest in describing your item. Showcase and highlight anything that may concern a buyer (defects, color that has run etc) in your description. Buyers will only appreciate pleasant surprises and will react adversely if otherwise. Do be honest and upfront before going through with a deal.
Make the effort
We've made creating a beautiful listing as simple as possible with the built-in filters. But it still takes simple extra steps to create truly outstanding listings. Ensure good lighting, clean background, nicely positioned items and so on! Even better, make the effort to enhance your photos with the built-in photo editor or with one of the many photo-taking apps available. Be creative! Poorly taken pictures so rarely attract buyers. Most importantly, snap a clear shot and just make sure you include an unfiltered, real image in one of the 4 available slots pictures as well.
Be a responsible seller & buyer
Be responsible for your actions and treat others as you would like to be treated. 
If both parties have already committed to dealing, it wouldn’t be nice to withdraw from it simply because someone else has offered a better price. As a seller, you should keep your items true to picture and description. You should be completely honest and open about its appearance, sizing or measurement as well as condition, especially any flaws or defects that potential buyers should be aware about. If you have opted to deal via post, ensure that you pack items securely as well as double check the recipient's details when addressing the parcel before mailing them out timely. Similarly, as a buyer, you should also do your part to complete payment for your purchases as prompt as possible.
Deal fairly
We know Carousell is where users come to snag a great deal. To maintain good relations with the community, we hope that you would be mindful of the asking price of the seller when you are making an offer. No one likes to be offered an amount very much lower than the price listed. If you would like to negotiate for a better price, check with the seller if he/she is open to negotiate. 
Build up a good reputation
We want you to succeed as a buyer and/or seller on Carousell. To show others in the community your credibility, always make sure to get your buyers/ sellers to leave you a feedback. Do keep in mind that feedbacks should be factual and relating to the transaction experience with the user on Carousell. However, if you are found to be leaving fake feedback, your account will be suspended.
Choose an appropriate username
Please choose an appropriate username with 4 or more characters. Vulgarities should also not make an appearance in your username. Also, we do not allow the unauthorised use of ‘Carousell’ in usernames, and we will change the username without further notice if found. 

List your items or services in its most relevant category 

Before you list, do explore the range of categories available on our platform to decide on the most suitable category for your item! Having items in the right categories create an enjoyable browsing experience for our users.

What you should NOT do:
Do not list items or services that are prohibited

There are certain items or services that are not allowed on Carousell. We're open to individuals of all ages, Including some as young as 12, so please let's keep Carousell clean and safe that way. Prohibited items include alcohol, drugs, medicine, weapons, tobacco products, drugs, animals, counterfeit items, items that infringe on copyright laws, stolen or illegal goods. For more details, please refer to the list of items prohibited on Carousell. Accounts found flouting these rules may be suspended and your access to Carousell may be discontinued.

Do not list duplicates

No one likes to look at 5 listings of the same product all at once. Please list each item or service only once to make everyone’s browsing experience more enjoyable - relisting too much hurts the Carousell community. All users should not have more than one listing of the same item or service; this is to provide a fair marketplace for everyone. Click here to find out more about what is considered a duplicate listing. Users found listing duplicates on our platform may have their products removed or accounts suspended. If you are in a hurry to sell your items and would like more visibility for them, try our Carousell Bumps instead! 

Do not list items or services that are infringing

At Carousell, we respect the intellectual property rights' of others, therefore we do not allow the posting of any content that infringes upon the intellectual property rights' of others on our platform.

Do not keyword spam
Please do not add irrelevant tags to the Description tab as it affects the user’s browsing experience. For instance, do not include the words ‘F21, Hollyhoque, Top Shop’ etc when your item is clearly not any of them. Users found keyword spamming may have their products deleted or accounts suspended without further notice.

Do not upload your listings in bulk

Uploading your listings in bulk creates a bad browsing experience for our users, as we aim to provide a marketplace with great variety from different sellers. 

Do not spam on our platform

Please do not promote your items or services by spamming messages, comments or offers to our users as this creates a bad experience for users when they receive unsolicited messages.

Do not post inappropriate content
Listings should be strictly used for the genuine purposes of buying and selling on our platform. Posting content that is nonsensical and inappropriate creates an unpleasant experience for our users browsing the marketplace. 
Please refrain from posting "text"
We're huge on images and pictures! Use Carousell as what it was built for, Snapping & Selling. And that means snapshots and photographs, not blatant text from 'Notes' - that's something we strictly disapprove of. Decorative text on an image is fine but if we observe very blatant text listings, again, we will not hesitate to remove that post, or even suspend your account. The description tab is there for a reason, do make good use of it. We want this to be a fully enhanced mobile experience so do keep to that!
Do not be rude
We want this to be a friendly community of like minded individuals, hence be polite and respectful when dealing with each other. It is not the place to abuse and harass others. If we receive valid complains about your conduct, we will send a warning and not hesitate to suspend your account.
Do not use the platform for promotions

Self-promotion and commercial spam URLs to websites are no-nos - we ask that you keep your interactions and actions on Carousell genuine and meaningful. This applies to listings, chat activities and to all interactions on Carousell. Users who engage in promotional abuse will have their accounts suspended without further notice.

Do not impersonate others
Please do not impersonate others. Carousell does not condone the act of portraying another person in a misleading or deceptive manner and if found, the account may be permanently suspended. 
The following relates to impersonation:
- using someone else’s personal information (such as photo, contact details etc)
- using a username with the intention to deceive or mislead
- claiming to be a Carousell staff
Some other things to note:
- Doing COD? Check, check and check again before you hand over your cash. Be sure you know exactly what you're in for when you make a purchase. Buying online / second hand entails some risks, so always mitigate them by negotiating for personalized warranties and basically covering all the ground when discussing about the item or service with the seller. Ask for mailing proof, transaction references, real-life images of your items and then make sure that you're satisfied with all details before confirming the deal. If alarm bells ring, think twice and ensure that you've got sufficient evidence should there be a need to refer matters to the authorities.
- Be safe when meeting up. Always arrange to meet in a public place where you and the buyer / seller will not be alone. Examples of such places include MRT stations or shopping malls etc.. Be cautious!
- Our sellers reserve the rights to authorize a transaction at their discretion, but please, be a responsible one.

- We have built in many features into the platform and hope that they will be useful when you are using Carousell. We seek your cooperation not to abuse these features. Some examples of abuse (non-exhaustive) would include competitive flagging or mass flagging of listings, spamming users via the chat feature and compulsively using the “following” feature. Users found abusing features would have their rights restricted or accounts suspended without further notice. 

- We do not have a seller refund policy and matters pertaining to bad purchases are unfortunately out of our control; however, please reach out to us and we will take action ASAP. This may include removing listings or even banning users who have been found to flout our guidelines.
- T&Cs of individual users/ shops are not supported by Carousell. We cannot and will not enforce these additional shop rules on your behalf. 
- You might find yourself wanting to post a screenshot of the offending account on your profile to blacklist them, however, that might not be the best way to solve this problem. We do not encourage singling out users like this on Carousell as it could be seen as harassment and thus violates our guidelines. 
- Our admins in Carousell have the right to change any of the guidelines or make any decision pertaining to the suspension and / or removal of product listings or user accounts.
- If you believe that there's an immediate cause for concern, please contact the Carousell team with as much information you can provide (username, descriptions etc) - so that we can quickly intervening respond to a situation that requires our attention.
If you find that you might have trouble adhering to these guidelines, we'd love to hear your thoughts. We value these guidelines and want to ensure that all Carousellers have the best experience they can have over at our platform. Also, we hate to be the bad guys, but if any listings or users are in breach of these guidelines, the Carousell team reserves the right to take necessary action. In some cases, it'd mean de-listing your items or services, or we would even have to ban you as a user. We'd hate to do that so please stick with the "rules".
Your experience on Carousell is extremely important to us and we are always here to make it better each step of the way. If you ever encounter an issue with your purchase or a fellow Carouseller, please reach out to us at immediately! We'll do our best to assist you with resolving the issues.
Let's start building a special and close knit community of like-minded buyers and sellers! :) Please remember that your use of Carousell is also subject to our Terms of Service and we reserve the right to review the Community Guidelines from time to time.
- Carousell Team