Carousell Rights Owner Programme FAQ

1.       What other brands have we invited or are intending to invite?

Coach, Inc.
ERGO Baby Carrier, Inc.
Nu Skin
Playboy Enterprises International, Inc.
Procter & Gamble
Swarovski AG
Tommy Hilfiger
Training Mask

2.       Would the guidelines make it easier for others to make better fakes?

We are not requesting for detailed information on how to identify genuine products as such information could also be used by counterfeiters to improve their imitation products.

Instead, we aim to:

  • Help our users understand the policies regarding the protection of intellectual property for each brand; and
  • Educate them on identifying ‘red flags’ to make an informed decision when purchasing.

3.       What are the benefits of taking part.

By taking part in CROP, you will be given a platform for your brand to communicate your intellectual property policies to our users in the markets that we operate. This will potentially help to reduce the cases of intellectual property infringement through better education to the sellers on our marketplace.

Additionally, having your intellectual property policies published will reduce the resources required to communicate to sellers that dispute the takedown for intellectual property infringements.  

4.       What are Carousell’s current processes when a counterfeit is being flagged out.

As a platform service provider, we aim to protect the intellectual property rights of others. Upon receiving infringement notices from the rights’ owners or agencies authorised to act on behalf of the rights’ owners, we proceed to remove the infringing content from our platform.

5.        Will this cost us? 

 There are no fees payable! We want you to be a part of CROP.

6.       What if we are not the intellectual property rights owner.

To be part of CROP, you will have to be the rights owner or their authorised representative. You may assist by informing the rights owner of CROP and encouraging them to contact us.